Bandyer is now Kaleyra

We have joined Kaleyra, an NYSE-listed global group that provides mobile communication services to large organizations worldwide. The addition of our programmable video solutions expands Kaleyra’s existing communication suite comprising messaging, instant messaging, push notifications, e-mail, voice services, and chatbots.


app mobile

smart glasses

vr viewers

augmented reality


Kaleyra Video offers a fully customizable, software-free, and security-focused video collaboration channel to integrate within corporates’ existing touchpoints used daily.


Kaleyra's values

Agility to Learn

Being agile while learning and unlearning, and changing with business scenarios.

Inspiring Trust

Being consistent and supportive with each other.


Collaborate beyond boundaries

Keeping collaboration as the key focus area of business.

Customer promise

Constantly emphasizing customer engagement.

Execution Excellence

Being committed, loyal and passionate.


Integrity in action

Showing respect to workers while emphasizing conversation.

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our partners

Bandyer’s partnership program gives companies the real opportunity to expand the range of services offered to their customers and to multiply their business volume.

Bandyer can be integrated within any existing digital channel (mobile app and website) by expanding and facilitating communication possibilities between companies and their customers, in a simple, safe and immediate way.
Ideal for improving Customer Care services and customer loyalty, incredibly effective for the growth of commercial engagement and cross selling, strategic for the lead generation, Bandyer combines innovation technology, ease of integration and immediacy of use.

Bandyer stands constantly by its partners to guide them to the best use of technology, always ensuring the highest quality and safety.

If you want to become our partner contact us.

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